Thursday, December 1, 2011

eViL G's Championship Week Picks

I'll take "Things You Won't See Again For A Long, Long Time" for $800, Alex.....

Greetings from Orlando, and welcome to Championship Week.

I didn't get a chance to post my Sunday Morning Hangover segment this week, and that's my bad because there was all sorts of news flying around.  This much is certain, Urban Meyer will headline my Hate Week 2012 picks next year.  Speaking of Hate Week, I'd like to introduce my latest follower, Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino, who was no doubt inspired by my much so he decided to share them with Les Miles.

My Gators and FSU played easily the worst game in the history of the UF-FSU series.  It's only fitting considering both teams had absolutely nothing to play for.  That may as well have been Ball State going at it with Charleston Southern out there.  Mike Shula thinks UF's offense is too conservative and predictable.  Meanwhile, in spite of his season-long regression, E.J. Manuel is still Desmond Howard's pick to win the Heisman Trophy.

That's all I got...time to do some real work....


Oklahoma at Oklahoma State
Not too long ago, Bedlam looked to be one half of the national championship picture...the half that gets pounded by the SEC school.  Then Oklahoma lost at home to Texas Tech, Ryan Broyles blew out his knee, Okie State lost to Pop's alma mater, followed by the Sooners losing at Baylor.  Oklahoma is dinged up and can't stop anyone from scoring, while Okie State can score on just about anyone not named LSU or Alabama.  Throw in an emotional Senior Day for Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, his three children and six grandchildren, and this pick is a no brainer.
Pokes - 38
Sooners - 24

PAC-12 Championship Game
UCLA at Oregon
This is NOT what the PAC-12 had in mind...a 6-6 UCLA team led by a lame duck head coach heading to Duckland to get their shit pushed in at the inagural championship game.  Oregon might score 70, and their mascot's arms could fall off from doing a bazillion push-ups.  Until Southern Cal comes off probation, this game will continue to be lopsided.
Oregon - 68.9
UCLA - 10

A She She Championship Game
Virginia Tech vs. Clemson
You know Christmas is just around the corner...Virginia Tech is ranked in the Top 10 in spite of not beating anyone worth a damn, and Clemson loses 3 out of their last 4 games.  Some things never change.  Clemson beat the snot out of Tech in Blacksburg earlier this year, but that was before Clemson realized they were in fact Clemson.  The good news for the A She She is these two teams travel well, so  chances are the ratio of breathing human beings to empty seats will be slightly higher than 1:1.
Hokie Hoke Hokie Hi - 23
We are Clemson -  14

Big 10 Championship Game
Michigan State vs. Wisconsin
This is the 2nd most anticipated rematch in college football.  Wisconsin is a couple last second miracles from stamping their ticket to New Orleans, while Michigan State is out to prove the first game's ending wasn't a fluke.  Memo to Michigan State: That first game was a fluke, and now you have Wisconsin's full attention.  Badgers win, and Montee Ball has a good enough game to get invited to New York City to watch Trent Richardson win Bama's second Heisman Trophy in 3 years.
Badgers - 24
Sparty - 20

and finally...

SEC Championship Game
Georgia vs. LSU
Talking heads at ESPN and CBS Sports are doing their damndest to convince us that Georgia has a chance to throw the ultimate monkey wrench into the BCS.  Georgia's defensive stats are bogus because they didn't play Bama, LSU or Arkansas.  Georgia's offensive stats are misleading because they didn't play LSU or Bama.  But they've won 10 straight games...all against unranked teams.  UGA lost to the only ranked teams they played this season, Boise State and South Carolina.

Meanwhile LSU won on the road (okay, a neutral site) against Oregon, at West Virginia and AT Alabama.  LSU's defense has no weaknesses, and their offense wears you down like a timeshare salesman.  LSU has wins against the #2, #8 and #9 teams in the country.  UGA beat the worst Florida Gator team in over 30 years by 4 points.

LSU-Bama II is a foregone conclusion.  Georgia's pain is my joy.

Geaux Tigers - 36
Hunker Down - 14

Be good.