Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remembering Lionel Forbes (1979-2013)

I'm sure he's up there cracking jokes with Mitch Hedberg and Bernie Mac right now.

This week Gator Nation, and our little off-brand underground college football blog, lost a dear, dear friend.  

Lionel Forbes, affectionately known as "FlawdaGator" and "Captain Inappropriate", passed away unexpectedly on May 6th.  He was only 34 years old.

Lionel was a part-time contributor to eViL G and Coach E, in addition to hosting and producing "The FlawdaGator Show" on TenacityRadio.com.  He was a proud alum of the University of Florida, and he played a mean tuba for UF's Marching Band back in the day.

From time to time here I'll reference a super, secret Internet message board in cyberspace.  Well Lionel introduced me to this group of misfit college football fans back in 2001...and over a decade later, after countless tailgates, road trips, pool parties, weddings, baby showers, graduation ceremonies and funerals, I consider this group of Gators (and a few select Tennessee Vols) to be among my best friends on the planet. 

Lionel's personality and heart were bigger than he was...and Lionel was a big boy.  I'm forever grateful for his friendship, and for the friendships I've made because of him.

Rest in peace Lionel.  It breaks my heart to say goodbye to you.