Monday, August 30, 2010

But first, a little background....

For the past 15 years, a handful of friends, co-workers, and someone I like to call "Wix" have all shared our thoughts and opinions about college football, the greatest sport on the planet...okay...second greatest sport on the planet after Florida Championship Wrestling, with your host Gordon Solie.

The majority of us were employed by the company formerly known as BellSouth, and our allegiances were across the board, with a heavy Southeast US influence.  Every week, or just about every week, you had Gators, Volunteers, Georgia Bulldogs, Crimson Elephants, FSU Seminoles during football season and Kentucky Wildcats during basketball season, even Notre Dame fans chiming in on the state of college football.  And it was glorious.

After a series of corporate mergers, downsizing, career moves and other life events made keeping current e-mail addresses damn near impossible I figured it was time to join Blogger.

Now again I warn you, I am not some college football guru.  If you're looking for objective, in-depth analysis of college football, then I would advise you to go elsewhere. However if you like to have fun, talk smack about other schools, have heated debates over who has the best looking coeds, all while being treated to some of the worst gameday predictions on the internet, then by all means join in the fun.

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  1. eVil,
    This is my first blog. Only you could get me to write in cyberspace. I look forward to interacting with the forum.