Thursday, August 18, 2011

Conference realignment is the hot topic du jour, or at least is WAS until Yahoo Sports broke the Miami story, and from the looks of things the only sure survivors once all the smoke clears will be the Big 10, PAC-12 and the Southeastern Conference. 

Texas appears to hold all the cards, but I could care less what they do or where they go.  The NCAA's top athletic budget is worth exactly one football national championship since 1970.  Consider those of us in SEC country unimpressed.  Go independent for all we's done wonders for Notre Dame's football program recently.

Speaking of the SEC, there’s speculation about Florida State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Missouri and Clemson stepping up in weight class.  Texas A&M makes sense…Texas isn’t exactly playing fair with the TV money, the SEC gets to mess with the state of Texas AND begin laying the groundwork for re-negotiating that fat TV deal with ESPN and CBS.  I’m cool with that. 

Hell, add Missouri while we’re at it….the West could use a new Vanderbilt now that Dan Mullen has it rolling in Starkville. 

Oklahoma appears to be tied to the hip with Texas, but I wouldn't be surprised if they went west to PAC-12 or east to the SEC depending on how greedy Texas gets. 

Clemson?  See Missouri, but with better recruits and worse coaching.
As for Florida State, contrary to popular belief, some Gator fans are in favor of FSU joining the SEC.  This UF alum would welcome those bastard savages with open arms.  I want them to understand first-hand why no one in the SEC will ever finish ranked in the Top 5 for 14 consecutive years.  I want them to deal with LSU, Georgia, Auburn and UF in consecutive weeks.  I want them to wonder how 30,000 Alabama fans managed to get tickets inside their stadium.  Come on and join the Big Boy party….we’re waiting.

I haven't weighed in on the train wreck going on in Miami, but as I understand it the Sun Belt Conference will extend the Canes an invitation once the NCAA finishes up their investigation.

Stay tuned....

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