Sunday, January 8, 2012

LSU-Bama 2: Defensive Boogaloo

Welcome to the BCS National Title Edition of the Weekly Picks, or in this case, Pick. 

In spite of all the Southeastern Conference haters out there, the BCS got it right.  After watching a bunch of track meets disguised as bowl games, what more proof do you need that LSU and Alabama are college football’s two best teams?  It’s not their fault they just happen to play in the world’s toughest division, in the world’s toughest college football conference.  Stop hating and recognize…defense wins championships.  Oklahoma State, Oregon, Stanford, and anyone else on the outside looking in on tomorrow night’s game can’t spell defense, let alone play it.  In a related story, West Virginia has petitioned the A She She to allow them to schedule Clemson 12 times next season.

Alright, back to the big game, and why I think Bama opens up a big ass can of BCS worms. 
·        For starters, Bama prepared for Jarrett Lee the first time around, and Weezie Jefferson gave them fits running the option.  Bama will be ready for that tomorrow night.
·        Trent Richardson is PISSED about losing the Heisman, and Bama is PISSED about losing the first game.  Rematches usually favor the team that lost the first time around…see this year’s Big Ten Championship Game, or Florida-Florida State back in the 1997 Sugar Bowl (which just so happens to be the biggest beatdown of a top-ranked team in a bowl game….but I digress).
·        The game being played in New Orleans works against LSU in my opinion.  Bama will treat it like a road game, in spite of 50,000 Bama fans somehow managing to find tickets.  Meanwhile LSU’s team, comprised mostly of Louisiana natives, could find themselves distracted by Uncle Cletus, Aunt Darlene and dozens of baby mama’s cousins bugging them for tickets and access to the team.  Most of LSU’s players know where to go off the beaten path in New Orleans to find some fun…chances are most of Bama’s players don’t.
·        Both teams are healthy.  Marquis Maze’s ankle is 100%, so chances are he won’t let punts go flying over his head, bouncing an additional 20+ yards in LSU’s favor.
·        What are the chances of Les Miles outcoaching Nick Saban again?

All that said, LSU’s defense is good enough to keep New England in check, and I’m still not 100% sold on Bama’s QB.  Before the regular season ended, Honey Badger was playing at another level, and he’ll get more than a few chances to make plays on special teams.

I still think LSU is the better team, but Saban has had WAY too much time to prepare for LSU’s defense.  Don’t expect this game to be any prettier than the first one back in November, but get ready for a different outcome.

Roll Tide – 17
Geaux Tigers - 15

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