Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jerry Sandusky and Penn State - GUILTY

eViL G Flashback - November 12, 2011
Penn State University vs. Common Motherf**king Sense

If you haven't already read the 23-page grand jury report detailing sexual assault allegations of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, and you think you have the stomach for it, click the link above and check it out.  If you made it past Page 5, you did better than most.

There's plenty of blame to go around, but what's crystal clear is there were far too many people more concerned with protecting Penn State than the children Sandusky allegedly had his way with.  Everyone involved, from Mike McQueary to Joe Paterno to University Police, they all fell short of their moral obligation to protect kids who couldn't protect themselves.

A faction of Penn State students showed their ingorance and their collective asses on national television, blaming the media for this mess.  ESPN's Colin Cowherd was on point when he said, "Don't blame Weather Channel for the Category 5 hurricane."  What's ironic is several of the victims mentioned in the grand jury report are now college-aged.  Sometimes youth is wasted on the young.

At best, Paterno didn't do enough.  At worst, he's part of a larger conspiracy which allowed a child predator to operate unchecked within the facilities of his football program.  Paterno wasn't implicated or accused of any wrongdoing, and from all reports isn't a target of the Sandusky investigation.  So it makes perfect sense he's contacted a prominent defense attorney to represent him.....represent him for what exactly?

And why is no one digging deeper into the disappearance of Ray Gricar, the original district attorney who worked the Sandusky investigation back in 2005?  Gricar went missing in April 2005 and has since been declared dead, but his body was never found.  

This story isn't going anywhere soon, and as I type this new allegations are surfacing regarding Sandusky, his Second Mile charity and some wealthy Penn State donors...and it's not pretty.  Civil suits will cost Penn State millions of dollars.  As time passes we'll find out more people either suspected or knew about Jerry Sandusky, but failed to take action.  More victims will come forward.  Mike McQueary will eventually leave Happy Valley, voluntarily or involuntarily.  If convicted, Jerry Sandusky will eventually gain the perspective of his victims...hopefully often and without consent.

And least important of all, Penn State will lose some football games. 

Be good.

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