Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thursday Morning Hangover - Sugar Bowl Recap

Teddy Bridgewater celebrates another failed onside kick attempt by Caleb Sturgis
Whew...what a game.  If you suffered through that entire debacle of a Sugar Bowl, hopefully you won't read this until the sun comes up tomorrow.  Your eyes could use a break from UF's horrific uniforms.  I've been walking into walls and tripping over shit for the past two hours.

My favorite part of the game was UF defensive end Dominique Easley interrupting Teddy Bridgewater's post-game interview to shake his hand.  It was the closest UF's defense got to Bridgewater since the 2nd quarter without committing a personal foul.

Also, it's clear Joker Phillips wasted little time putting his stamp on UF's football program.  You could see subtle nuances in UF's passing game and offensive line play tonight that screamed Kentucky Football. 

On an unrelated note, I'd be cool with Muhammad Ali not making public appearances anymore.  He's the GREATEST OF ALL-TIME!!  I don't want to remember him looking like he's got a mouthful of lemon juice, about to crap his pants at the 50 yard line. 

Finally, in spite of bearing witness to the biggest upset in BCS history, I'm at peace with this latest chapter of Gator Football.  We weren't supposed to be very good.  We were better than expected.  Everything that could have gone wrong tonight went wrong.  We wore orange pants with blue jerseys's obvious we didn't give a damn.

But life goes on, and there are much more important things than Charlie Strong making Will Musclecramp his bitch in front of a national television audience.  And what fun would college football be without nights like tonight?  Tennessee and Auburn fans need something to feel good about too.

Congratulations Louisville and Coach Strong.  I ain't even mad.



  1. I'm with you on all of it.

  2. It's hard to be mad at Charlie Strong even after he curb stomped us for 3 hours. Who was #18 that scored a TD in the 4th? My guess is it was Tebow. If we never see #18 again, I'm just going to assume that I'm right. I also had forgotten in the mix of everything that Joker Phillips was our WR coach... Thanks, Tony..Thanks alot.