Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 UF Recruiting Recap - Defense

Alright, now moving on to defense.

Defensive End:
Justus Reed, Taven Bryan, Gerald Willis III
I know Reed is a BUCK and Willis is sort of that hybrid inside/outside guy like Bullard. But for simplicity's sake I'm listing them as DE's. For as much shit as I give Muschamp for being a shitty evaluator of offensive talent, I give him more leeway on his defensive evaluations. Reed seems to fit the part physically, but his competition level sucked. However, he's a guy that Muschamp identified early and jumped on so I'll give the benefit of the doubt. I have to say I'm extremely skeptical of taking a kid from Wyoming. Initial reports are that the staff is impressed with Bryan physically. I'll wait and see here. Willis is a stud. What the group lacks is an elite pass-rusher. The two guys they had initially targeted (Carter and Featherston) would not have helped much, IMO. For all his accolades, Carter plays like a pussy. Featherston weighs 125 lbs and won't see the field for a few years anyway. Overall an acceptable group, but I'll go with B- here.

Defensive Tackle:
Khairi Clark, Thomas Holley
If nothing else, Muschamp is leaving our next coach stacked with DT's. Clark and Holley are both elite prospects, and combined with Brantley and Bostwick from last year this is a home run. One more body would have been nice, but this is an A.

Linebacker: None...fucking NO ONE!!!
Don't give a shit about what we have on the roster, this is a flat F. You never go a year completely ignoring a position. It's like they were thinking Christian Miller or bust. No excuses for this shit.

Jalen Tabor, Duke Dawson, J.C. Jackson, Deiondre Porter
I'm leaving Dawson at CB for now, because that's where he was told he'd play. I think Dawson may be able to play the nickel like Brian Poole did, though his best position is safety. Tabor and Jackson make this class a home run. I like the versatility of Porter and added him here because that's where they claim he'll start. I would love to see him flip over to WR instead because we need playmakers and the guy is a super athlete. This is an A+. Two bona fide studs (Tabor Jackson), one very good prospect (Dawson) and one versatile athlete type.

Quincy Wilson
I'm not sold on Wlson. I think his real value was in getting our foot in the door in South Florida at a school that produces good talent. He was also thought to be a pied piper type to help reel in Cook and Lane. He's worth the scholarship, but his ceiling is basically being another Jabari Gorman. Adams would have been a home run. Wilson is a C+.

ser bueno
- Senor Chupacabra

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