Friday, August 29, 2014

eViL G's Labor Day Pi....wait, what?

"There is no better place than 'The Swamp.' That opening on the big screen with the alligators, it's the best ever. When the Gators run out of the tunnel, it is absolutely the moment of moments in college football."
— Lee Corso, ESPN College Football Analyst
Gather ‘round everyone…we need to talk.

I’ve decided to take some time off this year to focus on career and family.  However I’ll post from time to time when the spirit moves me.  I still love me some Florida Gators and college football.  However after listening to callers on Paul Finebaum’s show, I’m beginning to question whether I love it enough.
I’d like to thank my loyal followers, all 22 of you, for not making it seem as though I’ve been talking to myself for the past five years.  I would encourage you all to look elsewhere for marginally entertaining college football commentary and woefully inaccurate predictions.  You have no shortage of options.
As I understand it, there are still thousands of tickets available for UF’s season opener Saturday night against Idaho.  UF’s student section issued a press release earlier claiming many would forego the 7:00 kickoff “because they have to wash their hair”.  I’m bald, but I understand.
I’ll be watching, and I’m cautiously optimistic about this team.  Last time we brought in an offensive minded coach from Duke, things worked out.  It can’t get any worse than last year.
Go Gators, and until we meet again…be good.

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