Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Morning Hangover

You see that guy up there, rocking the ugly 1987 orange mesh jersey, wearing the same #22 eViL G wore while winning back-to-back District 3-3A triple jump championships at legendary track and field powerhouse Bishop Kenny High School?
You see him? 
That guy knows a shitty quarterback when he sees one.  That’s why he’s not smiling.
He had the misfortune of playing with some of the worst signal callers in UF history…Kyle Morris, Donald Douglas, some guy named Lex Smith. 
Oh, he knows.
He even had an offensive coordinator who thought it was a great idea to use him as a decoy. 
He knows shitty coaching too.
So who can blame him for blasting our coaching staff for continuing to play Jeff Driskel?
If you had a dollar for every Gator fan who agreed with Emmitt, you’d have more than enough cheese to buy out Nick Saban and Kevin Sumlin’s respective contracts, with enough money left over to cover Aretha Franklin’s food budget for a couple months.
Gator Nation is frustrated.  We’re frustrated because our coach is either too stubborn or too stupid to see what the rest of world sees.  Stevie Wonder can see it.
No need to apologize Emmitt, you said what had to be said.

Be good.

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