Thursday, October 15, 2015

eViL G's Weekly Picks - October 17th

Deja Vu in the Bayou?
Happy Friday America.
I take the week off, and as usual all hell breaks loose.
Will Grier tested positive for stupid, Coach Sark can’t stay off the sauce, and the Ole Ball Coach just up and said fuck it, I’m out.  Go build me a statue while I play 36 at Augusta National with my shirt off.
Buried deep in sports section you may have heard about a scrub UF defensive back go batshit crazy over his girlfriend allegedly getting down with a teammate.  Ah sookie sookie now...
And in a related story, as I type this Lamar Odom is possibly on his deathbed with a raging boner.  How unfair is that?
Brace yourself for what happens during Florida’s off week next week, because I’ll be somewhere other than here.
In the meantime…
Florida at LSU
Gator Nation didn’t take the Will Grier news very well, but perhaps the football gods were forced to intervene in this magical season most of us thought was at best two years away.  This new relationship with this new coach was moving way too fast...a walk of shame waiting to happen if you will.
That said, in spite of Will Grier’s poor judgment I choose to see the orange and blue glass as half full.
Let’s count our blessings.
Florida is 6-0, so WORST case we’ll get a chance to defend our Birmingham Bowl World Heavyweight Championship.
Tennessee beat Georgia, which means UT fans can once again talk about how the Vols would destroy Florida if we played each other later in the season.  You know the leaves are turning when you start hearing that bullshit.  Hurricane season ends around the same time Volsheimers season begins.
Most importantly, we’ve got ourselves a competent football coach.  Jim McElwain is a keeper folks.  Anyone who can turn UF’s offensive line into a serviceable unit is nothing short of a coaching genius.  We have tight ends making plays.  Even the great Steve Spurrier couldn’t do that consistently.
At this point the only valid criticism of Jim McElwain is the size and color of his teeth, and Ron Zook would be the first to tell you it’s correctable.
Gator Nation unanimously had the LSU game marked as a loss before the season started.  So-called experts and talking heads picked LSU to win after Will Grier shredded Ole Miss and before his failed NCAA drug test.  UF has no answer for Leonard Fournette, LSU’s defense is too talented for UF’s emerging offense…and so on.
How quickly we forget UF almost beat LSU last season with Jeff Driskel.  Treon Harris is a better QB than Jeff Driskel.  Treon Harris might be a better QB than whoever LSU starts at QB tomorrow.
Conventional wisdom says we stack the box and make LSU’s nameless, faceless QB beat our elite secondary with his arm.  All LSU’s defense has to do is contain Treon Harris operating behind a suspect offensive line who can’t run block worth a damn.
UF wins this game straight up if Will Grier is eligible.  He’s not, so LSU wins a close, low scoring game reminiscent of 1980s, pre-Spurrier SEC football.
6-1 ain’t all that bad, considering no one expected UF to be 6-0.
LSU - 21
UF - 16
Be good.

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