Friday, October 2, 2015

eViL G's Weekly Picks - October 3rd

eViL G Flashback - 2008
Tim Tebow's relationship with the Almighty wasn't
enough to combat the Ole Miss curse.

Happy Friday folks.
Not much time for jibber jabber this week.  That said I’d like to give a shout out to my good friends from Rocky Top who made the trip to Gainesville last week.  Marlon, James, Jamie and Jonathan…we had a great time tailgating with you guys.  I won’t mention the game because you’ve suffered enough.
Speaking of crappy coaches, it looks like the Hurricanes kept their Muschamp one year longer than we did.  But since it’s a Canes thing, I probably wouldn’t understand.
Ignorance is bliss.
Alabama at Georgia
Historically Georgia doesn’t handle prosperity very well…take last year’s Florida-Georgia game for instance.  Now they’re favored to beat Alabama.  The last time Alabama was an underdog, they made Tim Tebow cry like Michael Corleone after Mary took a bullet outside the opera house.  Bama’s defense matches up very well with Georgia’s offense, who unlike Ole Miss won’t attempt 20 passes before halftime.  For all of UGA’s stud tailbacks, Derrick Henry might be better.  However Lane Kiffin sometimes forgets Henry traveled with the team, is dressed out and ready to play.  Take that last drive against Ole Miss for instance.  For as ordinary as Bama looks relative to years past, their front seven is still plenty strong, and they’ll force UGA’s nameless, faceless QB into situations he’s not ready for.  Don’t expect this game to be aesthetically pleasing…lots of running, plenty of punting and not too many points scored.  UGA loses, everyone wins.
Tide – 16
Dawgs – 14

Ole Miss at Florida
Per Southeastern Conference bylaw 50.3.14b Section 4, whenever Ole Miss has a competitive football team, they MUST rotate onto UF’s schedule.  How else do you explain Ole Miss winning three of the last four games in Gainesville, or Ole Miss leading the all-time series against UF by a couple games?  Eli Manning never lost to Florida during his stay in Oxford…a freaking MANNING!!!  Now Ole Miss brings arguably its most talented team in 60 years to The Swamp, a TD-plus favorite against the Mighty Gators.  This is actually a favorable matchup for UF’s defense.  Ole Miss doesn’t run all that much, which is good because UF has maybe two linebackers healthy enough and good enough to play tomorrow.  Ole Miss likes to throw, and UF has an elite secondary, not to mention a very good pass rush.  UF’s offense grew up in front of our eyes last week, but Ole Miss has a championship caliber defense led by Robert Kazqsalkshqchee (pronounced “kim-DEE-chee”) and his brother Denzel Washington Kzqytrdlfloydschee (also pronounced “kim-DEE-chee”).  Both will make life miserable for UF’s green but improving offensive line.  Ole Miss has a knack for beating UF when they probably shouldn’t.  It’s almost not fair they’re back in Gainesville with a team good enough to beat anyone.  Ole Miss had their letdown game last week looking forward to this week, and UF simply won’t be able to outscore them.  Unlike Bama-UGA, this game will not put you to sleep midway through the second quarter…but unfortunately the good guys come up short.
Rebs – 35
Gators – 27
Be good.


  1. I think you are right, but I think Chubb is every bit as good as Fournette, and both are better than Henry. Problem with Bama, them have the beef, and then some. But they lack top end speed, and agility. I think they beat Georgia, just because they are in a must win situation. Otherwise, Georgia and Chubb are too fast, too agile. You forget, Georgia finally has a defense, aka Def Coordinator in Pruitt. Gonna be a good game.
    Looking forward to that Ole Miss UF game, too. Who would have thunk it. We will see if the Gators are really improving, or it the SEC East is still soft. After these games, we'll know what's up.

  2. Are you guys gonna pick Mizzou this week also!!!! The Offense was clicking, the D was smothering and the Swamp was deafening!! Go GATORS!!! #takebacktheswamp