Friday, November 6, 2015

eViL G's Weekly Picks - November 7th

"How ya likes me now?"
-Jim McElwain
What’s up America?
I'm running behind schedule today, thanks to an impromptu birthday dinner celebration last night with the UCF crew.  George O'Leary was not in attendance.
Real world deadlines are kicking my ass, so I’ll get right to it.
There’s some great games this week.


Vanderbilt at Florida
Gator Nation is still in the honeymoon phase with Jim McElwain.  I’m talking walking around the house butt naked, having sex multiple times a day…all that stuff you used to do before the kids came along.  That’s where this relationship is right now...straight up Freaky Deaky Time in Gainesville.  In spite of what promises to be an uninspired performance in front of a sleepy, hungover Ben Hill Griffin Stadium homecoming crowd missing thousands of students who eventually show up just before halftime, the mighty Gators punch their SEC Championship Game ticket to Atlanta for the first time since Tim Tebow cried like these two dudes right here.  Good times.

SEC East Champs - 27
Smart Kids - 14

FSU at Clemson
Clemson is #1 for the first time since a very young eViL G watched Homer Jordan and Perry Tuttle bring home Clemson’s only national title way back in the 1982 Orange Bowl.  Yes, I was there.  Seeing as how the stakes are higher than ever, everyone’s waiting for Clemson to pull the ultimate Clemson, present company included, because it’s Clemson and that’s what they usually do.  FSU is a Dalvin Cook injury away from disaster, and they’ve got some QB issues to get resolved.  Meanwhile Clemson has no issues at QB; Watson is an absolute stud, and the Tigers might just be the best team in the country.  It's time to retire the phrase "pulling a Clemson" and replace it with "pulling a Georgia".
Tigers - 38
Noles - 20

and finally...

LSU at Alabama
Alabama lost to an Ole Miss team who couldn't get past Memphis...the very same Ole Miss squad your mighty Gators destroyed in Gainesvile.  Seaux it makes perfect sense 1-loss Florida is 6 spots behind Alabama in the first college football playoff rankings...fuck that, it makes neaux sense whatsoever.  Good thing Brandon Harris and Leonard Fournette take care of business in Tuscaloosa.  Coker's lack of mobility, and Derrick Henry's lack of Fournette-like wiggle plays right into LSU's hands.  LSU plays defense too.  I like the boys from Red Stick in this one.  Fournette may not geaux off for 200+ tomorrow night, but he won't have to.  Man I can't wait to hear Paul Finebaum's sheaux on Monday.
Geaux - 24
Roll - 20

Be good.





  1. Let's hope you're right, Evil. Let's hope you're right.

  2. You and I have the same picks in each of these game