Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Thoughts From The Weekend....

In no particular order....

  • Let's handle the bad stuff first...in my 30+ years of watching the Gators play intercollegiate varsity football, I've never seen as pathetic an offensive performance as this past Saturday.  Steve Addazio, you are the worst offensive coordinator on the planet not named Mike Shula.  Twenty-six yards of total offense after three quarters?  Fix that shit NOW!!

  • Les Miles might be both the dumbest and luckiest man on the planet. 

    • I'd like to thank Jacksonville State for keeping my Gators from being the lead story on SportsCenter.

    • Scanning the box scores on ESPN.com, it appeared that every major FBS program decided to get its homecoming game out of the way early.

    • Someone please stop Nike before they ruin everything I love about college football.  The only thing missing from Virginia Tech's uniforms last night was the ability to transform into Optimus Prime and Megatron....and perhaps the ability to stop simple running plays up the middle.

    • Speaking of Virginia Tech, for anyone who questions why we watch college football instead of the NFL, I hope you all saw the Hokies pre-game entrance to Metallica's "Enter the Sandman" last night.  I haven't seen a crowd react like that since the Oprah gave away all that stuff on her show. 

    • Boise State, I'm still not impressed.  Chances are I won't be even if you do run the table.  The next time Virginia Tech wins a game with any sort of national significance will be the first time.

    • Michigan looks much improved from last season.  I'm not sure if Notre Dame has enough speed to keep up this week.

    • Tennessee and Florida are on notice this week.  Oregon is that good and I fear Florida's offense really is that bad. 

    That's it for now...


    1. To quote my 7-year old daughter, "Why do the Gators keep losing the ball before they even start?"-- out of the mouths of babes...

    2. That's awesome Lillian!

      Does Andrew have her decked out in Giants stuff on Sundays?