Monday, September 13, 2010

Things We Learned This Weekend

Only two weeks in, the sucktitude of my weekly picks has already reached mid-season form.

FSU's defense still can't stop a nosebleed. Greg Reid is easily the biggest playmaker in all of college football. The problem is he makes plays for both teams.

Virginia Tech giveth to Boise State, Virginia Tech taketh away from Boise State.....and there was light, or something.

The ninth circle of hell is 15 degrees cooler than it was in Gainesville this past Saturday. (Spare me the "Gainesville IS hell" comments from the peanut gallery...I know they're coming.)

I must remember to pack a telescope this weekend. My seats in Neyland are 30 rows up in the upper deck.

Mark Richt could very well lose his job after his season.  Kirby Smart, how YOU doin?

By the time you've read this far, Jeff Demps ran from Gainesville to Key West and back.

Tennessee fans are looking forward to basketball season for as long as Bruce Pearl remains employed. Kentucky head coach John Calipari doesn't think Bruce has anything to worry about.

The Heisman campaign of Jacory Harris is officially dead, but not all is lost.  Sources tell me he's a finalist to play JJ in a movie remake of Good Times.

The Los Angeles Clippers think ACC Football is an inferior product.

I got the feeling Bama really wasn't trying all that hard to beat Penn State.


  1. Testing out my new Wordpress account.

  2. I'm buddies with the Bramuchis and they forwarded me a link to your blog so as a fellow rabid college FB fan, I figured I'd sign on!

    As a quick intro, I'm from South Jersey and went to Rutgers as an undergrad.

    Until this weekend, I was a huge Schiano fan, but watching us eke out a win against FIU has me worried that we're going to lose out on some huge recruiting battles (Savon Huggins for one Gator fans, although he ends up @ Pitt before UF). I think we may be perma-relegated to minor bowl status in the worst BCS conference (at least the ACC "powers" get people to show up to their games).

    After watching Heisman front-runner Denard Robinson these past two weeks, I'm just mystified that we don't use our own Mo Sanu as the QB for a spread package.

    I recognize that this is going to be an SEC dominated blog, so I wanted to give everybody here my impressions from my first visit to the Swamp for the Miami/OH game.

    Like everybody else in attendance, I wanted to see how Brantley would do post Baby Jesus as a classic pro-set type of QB in Meyer's offense. By my untrained eye, I'd say he looks like a much better version of Chris Leak....nothing wrong with that.

    I was blown away by Demps in person. Outside of Robinson (and maybe Lattimore for what he did as a true freshman), I'd say he's the most impressive player coming out of the first couple of weeks.

    I was also blown away by the lack of sense by a good portion of the fanbase in getting ready for what were sure to be brutal conditions for a Sept noon kickoff.

    There were more older, overweight ladies fainting than you'd see at a Tom Jones concert. Lots of kids going down for the count, as well.

    I decided to cool off myself by taking a quick dip in Lake Alice. Not sure why I needed to cool off since it was about 9pm when I jumped in, and I'd already had about 73 beers.

    As much as you would have assumed that I would have added a quick stop at Cafe Risque, or a detour to one of the many conveniently located meth labs which dot beautiful Alachua County, I have to say that the real highlight came just before we left G'Ville.

    We pulled into a gas station/Arby's to get a sandwich and drink on the way out of town, and as we were paying, I noticed a small crowd gathering in the parking lot. I went outside, and wouldn't you know it, but Cooter himself had pulled up, with not one but two pet raccoons running around inside his car.

    Cooter let me pet the male (Rocky...shocker), but warned me that the female was a "real bitch." He grabbed her by the fur on the back of her neck, she started hissing, and then he threw her in the back seat. Evidently, when they're in heat, they're a little ornery.

    Thank goodness Cooter was there to sort it all out for me.

    I can't wait for my next trip back.

    Oh, one other thing...I got to watch the Gator Walk, which I was curious to see after having witnessed many a Scarlet Walk.

    Aside from the fact that Schiano has his kids all wear fairly conservative suits/shirts/ties (think "Welcome to Enterprise..."), and Meyer was a little more free-wheeling (Trattou was wearing a double-breasted pink/lavender combo that even Sterling Sharpe would have hidden at the back of the closet, no pun intended), they were basically the same.

    Can't wait for my next trip up...I'll be doing an indepth "Crystal vs. White Castle" comparison.

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    I'll gladly offer up Savon Huggins to Rutgers if UF can land Mike Blakely or steal Mike Bellamy from Clemson.

    Your first trip to The Swamp was easily the worst showing by a UF team in 30+ years...not going to see Elvis perform live in Las Vegas around 1976 when he was all fat, farting on the stage and whatnot. Come back for the Kentucky's going to be a 7:00 kickoff, and hopefully a better performance by the good guys.

  5. Thank you...I had a great time even though the opponent and game time weren't ideal. No more Lake Alice though.

  6. While, as a Gator fan, I have certainly enjoyed the fruits of having deeply stacked teams the past several years, I just can't understand how Alabama can be THAT good, and THAT deep, without committing significant NCAA rules violations. (I mean, in the rankings, I would have Alabama ranked #1, Alabama's bench ranked #2, then everybody else.) Will we see a USC-type situation in Tuscaloosa in, say, three/four years down the road?

  7. As a Crimson Tide fan, I vote that we revoke Daniel's Blog priviledges immediately for using Alabama and NCAA violations in the same sentence!!! :-)

    Speaking on behalf of Tide fans everywhere, I think we have had enough NCAA violations to last a lifetime. While BAMA is in the midst of a great run (and we do have stupid depth) we certainly paid our dues to get back to what I like to call "the happy place". I honestly believe that most SEC teams have a ton of talent compared to the rest of the country but what separates the great from the outstanding is good coaching and/or defense. Good coaching in this scenario = ability + adeptness at avoiding ncaa drama + recruiting prowess. We finally have the coaching to get the most out of our talent.

    With that said, if Daniel is right and we do get busted somewhere down the line, I will probably hurt myself -- especially if we have to give back National championships and Heismans, Lane Kiffin becomes our coach or Mark Ingram breaks up with Kim Kardashian.


    ps - not that I'm anti Auburn or anything (wink) BUT if there are NCAA violations happening in the SEC, I think we should examine those Big Cat weekend recruiting visits that magically vaulted the Tigers into the top 5 nationally in recruiting!! Did I mention that I am not biased against Auburn University in any way?