Monday, September 10, 2012


Just in time for Florida-Tennessee week, eViL G and Coach E are pleased to welcome our newest contributor.  He comes to us from Jacksboro, Tennessee, which from what I'm told is no place for a black man after 7pm...even during Daylight Savings Time.

I've had the pleasure of tailgating with this young man countless times over the past 9 years, in front of Little Hall in Gainesville and behind the Copper Cellar in Knoxville.  He is as geniune as they come...he's folksy as hell too.  I've saved him from skirmishes with obnoxious Gator fans wearing gold fronts, and he was kind enough to loan me a jacket before the 2004 night game at Neyland when temperatures dipped below 70 degrees.

During football season he can be heard Friday Nights on WTNQ-FM Country 104.9, where he is the radio voice of Campbell County Football, Home of the Cougars.  Right now WNTQ playing "Amarillo by Morning" by George Strait, the follow-up track to his top-selling single, "Amarillo - Nature's Little Tank"...boom...

This gentleman is a member of the world's most dangerous super secret internet message board, and he is one of only two Tennessee fans allowed to participate.  Seeing as how this is Florida-Tennessee week, I also invited our other Tennessee fan to share his thoughts and opinions, but he was too busy breaking down the Democratic National Convention and hoarding Chunky Soup just in case President Obama gets re-elected.

Ladies and gentlemen, all 14 of you, please give a big Hee Haw welcome to Jason Dontavious James!

You have the floor work son.


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  1. I had to work fast to be first. Welcome Jason!