Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Evening Hangover

Some random thoughts from yesterday's action...on and off the field...

- When you host a football watch party, and you work for the cable company, you will catch hell if your converter box craps out during the game.  Yeah, it happened.  Luckily I had a spare converter box (actually several spare converter boxes), and managed to restore order before one of my guests took a hostage.

- I'm watching Pittsburgh play Peyton and the Broncos, and I would LOVE to have Pouncey, Starks and Gilbert back on our offensive line.

- Memo to Missouri:  As much as I hate Georgia, you needed that ass whuppin.  Whatever brand of football that Missouri player accused UGA of playing, it wasn't old man football.  It was more like Kyrie Irving disguised as old man football.

- When you host a football watch party, and you haven't tapped a keg since 1989, you will catch hell from your wife for attempting to tap said keg with the lever down.  Yeah, it happened.  One of our kitchen walls still smells like Bud Light, and my 23 year-old daughter has lost all respect for me.

- It's good to know the unintentional reverse mojo pick still works for UF. We'll test that theory again this weekend, based on how many of our injured guys are back for Tennessee.  Our coaching staff should give Mike Gillislee a one-week moratorium on banging coeds.  We need his groin at 100%, and those coeds aren't going anywhere, especially if  Gillislee leads us to another big road win.

- When you host a college football party on the same day UCF plays Ohio State, and you invite your Buckeye neighbors, along with your sister (who coaches at UCF) and a bunch of Gator fans (who now despise Urban Meyer), the conversation can get pretty lively...especially after I figured out how to tap the keg without spilling 15.5 gallons of beer on my wife's kitchen floor.

- Memo to CBS:  It's not too late to ditch Arkansas-Bama for UF-Tennessee.  Oh my bad, it is too late.....BUAHAHAHA!!!!

Be good.

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  1. will there be another article this week with you predictions?