Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Urban Leaving = Love Wins!!!

Few Florida fans will readily admit this but aside from recruiting, Urban leaving is a win win for everyone. Follow me...

1) Most obviously, gay love wins out!! When was the last time anyone saw Urban "cheese" like he is in the pic to the left? Most of us thought that winning a championship is what he was smiling about but after much analysis (and consulting with a few gay friends of mine), I now know that this is the look of a man in physical and romantic love with another man. And you know what? It's ok. In fact, IT'S BEAUTIFUL DAMMITT!! My condolences to all the homophobic Superman followers, Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson, religious zealots and the thousands of smokin' hot UF co-eds who went untouched by Timmy for four years.

One way ticket from Gainesville to Denver $525. Saving your virginity for your college head football coach, priceless. Get your smile back Urban...get your smile back.

2) Steve Addazio can sleep with the in whatever corner of the 2 million square miles of Sunshine State swamp that eViL G and Coach E have contracted for his final resting spot...allegedly.

3) Every paramedic and heart specialist on 24/7 standby in Gainesville can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

4) The genius behind the website "Fire Steve Addazio" should now have time to run for any number of political offices in Florida -- Good Luck and God Speed sir!!

5) Mercifully, Dan Mullen's poor family can escape from Mississippi or should I say M, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter, crooked letter...

6) Should benefit #5 not happen, maybe SOS (that's cool Gator code for Steve Spurrier) and Jeremy Foley can reconnect, given the close "brother like" relationship they've always enjoyed. In all seriousness, I can guarantee you the old ball coach's passion and spirt would be more into it than what UF fans were subjected to this year.



  1. Hey KE, did you have anything to do with this?

  2. LMFAO!!! I REALLY wish I could take credit for it eViL but I'm not that talented. Just know that I've added that particular clip to my "forever file". ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! (and yes, it did bring a tear to my eye).