Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Afternoon Hangover

Reassurances from the Bowl Championship Series...

This is what happens when I take a week off…..Psycho Puppy makes an appearance up in here and all hell breaks loose.  Now chaos is the order of the day...and coming weeks.  How else do you explain Lee Corso dropping F-bombs on Gameday, or Mark Richt slipping his wife the tongue on national television?

Two words:  Psycho Puppy

Now I didn’t expect Oklahoma State to go undefeated, because they’re Oklahoma State.  Certain schools have no business contending for national championships, and when they do, at some point the pucker factor kicks in...right Clemson?  
In fact, I should have seen that Iowa State upset coming a mile away.  Last week Keith and I spent WAAAAY too much time talking about scenarios that would put his beloved Crimson Tide back in the national title game.  We also had some spirited dialogue about whether or not Herman Cain is actually B.B. King.
What many of you may not know is Keith’s father, a proud Iowa State alum, lost his battle with cancer not too long ago.  I suggested that Keith have Pops call in a favor with the man upstairs, and the rest is BCS history.  Thanks to Pops, Oklahoma State, Oregon and Oklahoma are toast, and Alabama looks to have the easiest path to the national title game…all in one weekend.  It just goes to show how much lifelong equity you build with the Almighty after raising Keith Edwards. 
Pops, you are the man, and we miss you....thanks for shaking things up.

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  1. Fellas, Herman Cain is not BB King....He's the stunt double for the Texas Rangers manager.