Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Hangover

Alabama kicker Cade Foster practices sleeping with one eye open

I'm sitting here on the couch, at 12:05 EDT...about to be EST in about 2 hours...attempting to catch my breath after that defensive masterpiece.  It's not often I'm riveted to the TV set watching two teams combine for 15 points, but like many of you I was on the edge of my seat for over three hours, and didn't miss one play.

How awesome were those two defenses? When was the last time Trent Richardson looked almost ordinary? Who expected Bama to make uncharacteristic mistakes in OT....who breaks the huddle with 12 men at such a crucial point? Who knew Jordan Jefferson would be the difference on offense?  Marquis Maze...catch the damn punt!  And that poor kicker...

My heart goes out to Bama buddies KeithE, KeithW and Garland...I know you guys are hurting right now. I exchanged a couple dozen text messages with Keith Edwards, who somehow found his way inside Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch that grindfest in person.

Meanwhile, Coach E was in Winston-Salem watching Wake Forest-Notre Dame, and we swapped another 30 texts throughout the evening.

Yes folks, Coach E is alive.

Some other thoughts from the weekend...

- Congratulations Georgia of luck in the SEC Championship Game. I understand your opponent is pretty good.

- Honey Badger Matheiu has been officially exposed. He's an effective blitzer with solid ball skills, but he's LSU's 3rd best defensive back behind Reid and Claiborne, not to mention a decent cheap shot artist.  Claiborne is a flat out stud.

- By finishing the season 6-6, my Florida Gators will be bowl eligible.  Of course I'm assuming we beat Furman in a couple weeks.  Basketball season can't get here soon enough.

- Speaking of basketball, Dwight Howard called a press conference this weekend to announce he's leaving the Orlando Magic to join the Big 12.

- I think the refs got the Reid INT call correct.  Very close call but I think they got it right.

- Kentucky won the Pink Slip Bowl...Houston Nutt, thanks for playing.  The Memphis job should be open soon.

- Congratulations Charlie Strong...HUGE win at West Virginia with a freshman QB.

That's all I got.

Be good.

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