Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WE ARE.....

Maybe I'm jumping the shark so to speak, with the "We Are" idea. But let's be honest with each other....If I can't be cocky for the Furman game, then the terrorist have already won. Actually, I checked the line from our "friends" out in the desert, and according to them, we're 17 point 'dogs vs. the terrorist. If I were you, I'd take those points. This season has just been a blur; and as we wind down this season, I'd like take the time to thank eViL G and Corch E as well as the 'Bama Keith's' for making this season enjoyable. Not sure if this will be the last contribution this season for me or not since if we happen to beat Furman, we're probably going to lose to FSU and I don't want to be up on here using foul language in front of mama eViL G. Perhaps I'll make a bowl game appearance for our December 1st bowl game vs Eastern Omaha Steaks State....Our friends in the desert are saying we're a 3 point 'dog in that game....I'd take the points if I were you.


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