Thursday, November 29, 2012

eViL G's Championship Week Picks

Any questions?

Greetings from Central Florida, where I'm still basking in the glow of that glorious UF victory in Tallahassee.  It's rare for Gator fans to be content with a season where we're forced to watch Georgia play in the SEC title game, but that's where Gator Nation is right now.  You'd be hard pressed to find many pissed off Gator fans wondering what could have been.  11-1 people...ELEVEN AND ONE!!  And as I type this our basketball team is abusing Marquette on ESPN...on the same night Kentucky got bitch slapped by Notre basketball.

Life is indeed good.

I'm up against some real world deadlines and first world career obligations, so that's all I got this week.

Everybody say it with me....ROLL TIDE!!!


Conference USA Championship Game
Central Florida vs. Tulsa
UCF and Tulsa are both headed to alleged greener Big East pastures, but when they get there it'll look similar to the same mid-major wasteland they bolted from.  It's like the scene in Aminal House where Pinto and Flounder visit Omega Theta Pi during rush week, attempting to rub elbows with all the cool people, only to get stuck in that side room on the couch with Jugdish and Mohammed. 
Tulsa - 38
UCF - 35

PAC-12 Championship Game
UCLA vs. Stanford
The PAC-12 was smart enough to schedule this game on a Friday night, otherwise no one outside the Pacific time zone would watch.  Seeing as how USC and Oregon aren't playing, I'll be watching Shark Tank while wrapping Christmas gifts and drinking scotch.  Stanford won last week at need to watch Stanford do it again at home. 
Condoleezza Rice - 30
Kareem Adbul-Jabbar - 14

B1G 10 Championship Game
Nebraska vs. Wisconsin
A B1G 10 title game without Ohio State or Michigan?  I won't waste your time....

A She She Championship Game
Florida State vs. Georgia Tech
Coach E and I are easily two of the cheapest bastards on the planet.  If I lived in Charlotte, we'd be all over those $3 tickets to catch this game live and in person, cheering like hell for Georgia Tech.  FSU fans are saving their money, opting out of this game in anticipation of an epic Orange Bowl matchup against Kent State or Louisville.  Cheer up Nole least you guys won your conference.
F State - 37
Go Tech - 13

and finally...

SEC Championship Game 
(aka The BCS National Semifinal Game)
Alabama vs. Georgia
I considered taking bribes from my UGA and Bama colleagues this week.  Like most of you, they now believe in the power of reverse mojo, and my Bama friends in particular are practically begging me to pick Georgia to win.

Granted, UGA's been playing lights out since beating Florida, and relative to last year's squad Alabama looks somewhat mortal...thanks to a nonexistent pass rush and a rash of injuries on offense.  Then again Texas A&M caught Bama napping a week after that big comeback win at LSU, and UGA hasn't played a team with a pulse since beating Florida.  The schedule gods continue to smile on UGA...I think LSU rotates back on their schedule in 2034 after three straight bye weeks.

Is Georgia ready to join the SEC's Big Boy Club?  Their membership was revoked after Herschel left in 1982...that's no less than two generations of UGA fans who don't know what it feels like to play for a national title, let alone win one.  After Saturday, those UGA fans won't have to wonder what playing for a national title feels like.  All they'll have to do is ask one of the 40,000 Alabama fans in the Georgia Dome.

Alabama - 24
Georgia - 21

Be good.

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