Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introducing the WMIHAHA/CLOD!!!

Also known as “The Will Muschamp I’m Having A Heart Attack/Constipated Look Of Disgust".
We (meaning me and UF's anger management poster boy) will stare down various assholes around the globe for their profoundly uncool behavior.  If all goes well, these losers will turn their lives around and hopefully break off Coach Muschamp a Lorazepam, blunt, hooker or Miralax to calm his crazy ass down.   On to the jerks...

Betcha I can pop my head open
  • Clay Burton – for generating this sick psycho look in the first place
  • Tyrann Mathieu - for reasons to numerous to list.  All you had to do was get out of the way, chill w/the smokin hot chick and let let the money roll in.  WTF Honey Badger???
  • Mr. Marcus – for trying to ruin the American porn industry (during a recession no less)
  • That London casino – for not paying Phil Ivey his 11.5 mill after he broke ‘em in half over his knee
  • Disney – as a warning to NOT screw up Star Wars
  • eViL G – for animal abuse.  If you saw an alligator with blue scales (like the décor of this blog) wouldn’t you feel compelled to call PETA??
Sadly this means we are going to limit the use of the famed Gary Coleman glare of death (GC “went home” back in 2010 so we will only pull it out for special occasions).  Props to you little big man – ¼ of my 40 oz is belatedly hitting the ground as we speak!!
Roll (MF’in) Tide!!

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