Thursday, November 1, 2012

This place could use a splash of CRIMSON!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to cruise thru the greatest 22-member swamp lizard based blog ever created, guess who’s back up in this beyatch??  We are 7 weeks into the season and YOUR reigning National Championship representative (#14ofthemthangs) has a few questions…

  • Can the Tide D really be this good after losing so many guys to the shield?  
  • Has Saban really discovered a way to win without rebuilding (scary)?
  • Is “Death Valley” really where team’s dreams go to die? **NOTE: with a record of 24-9-2 all time in Baton Rouge it’s where the Tide’s dreams come true more times than not…
  • Will Zach Mettenberger hang on to his 64.1% completion percentage at home (56.6% for the season) or will he do synthetic weed, promote shady Baton Rouge clubs and be nicknamed after a giant ferret…oh wait, that was somebody else -- my bad
  • Is AJ McCarron the best player in the country?  Who the hell would’ve thought I’d be asking that a year ago???  What a difference a year and the best O-line in the country makes.  If he goes down, we are in serious trouble
  • Speaking of serious trouble, are Bennie Logan, Anthony Johnson, Josh Downs, Ego Ferguson, Barkevious Mingo and Sam Montgomery the scariest D line in the country?? (knowing my luck…probably)
Questions, questions and more questions!!!  One thing I don’t question is how much I still dislike the LSU Tigers.  Let HATE WEEK officially begin!!!




    1. That clip looked very inappropriate captain hahaha!!