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eViL G's Weekly Picks - October 19th

Well see, what had happen wuz...
 Happy Friday!
No time to waste this week, so let's get right to it....


UCF at Louisville
In a world where a BCS title contender's toughest opponent is a directional school in Orlando...followed by USF, UConn, Memphis, Houston and Cincinnati...sometimes the football gods throw you a bone and make everything right. 
Knights - 27
Cardinals - 24

Florida at Missouri
UF's offense is much like these weekly picks, or perhaps the final season of Dexter.  We've all grown accustomed to being underwhelmed week in and week out.  While last week's loss at LSU wasn't all that surprising, patience is wearing exremely thin with this old-fangled offense on display in Gainesville.  Does Brent Pease suck as an offensive coordinator, or does head coach Bill Roughstamp have an incentive clause in his contract for winning time of possession...or both?  Whatever the case, UF's coaching staff is officially on notice.  Ron Zook never lost more than 5 games at UF.  Muschamp is in danger of doing it twice in his first 3 years.  With South Carolina, Georgia and FSU looming on the schedule, a loss in Columbia tomorrow is the first nail in Muscramp's coffin.  The direction of UF's football program hinges on the outcome of this game.  To make matters worse, rumor has it Tyler Murphy hasn't practiced all week.  Is it basketball season yet?  Man I can't wait to see Kasey Hill dunk on Marshall Henderson.
Mizzou - 20
Gators - 9

South Carolina at Tennessee
Careful ol' ball coach...Tennessee is improving, and your team appears to be slightly distracted, if not disjointed over all this Clowney nonsense.  Luckily Connor Shaw is a gamer, and Tennessee's starting QB would be the backup at every SEC school except Kentucky.
Cocks - 27
Vols - 13
In other action:
- Texas A&M and Auburn combine for 105 points
- Les Miles gets it done against Ole Miss
- Stanford handles UCLA

and finally...

Florida State at Clemson
ESPN College Gameday is in Clemson for the second time in less than 8 weeks...that's like Haley's Comet showing up every night for a month.

If you're still hating on Jameis Winston, like some wearing orange and blue glasses, because of an alleged lack of competition, please keep in mind this is the same shitty ACC competition EJ Manuel struggled with.  It's same shitty ACC competition Charlie Ward didn't get the opportunity to start against until he was a junior...and Charlie nearly got benched his junior year after completing one too many passes to defenders on shitty ACC teams.

Jamies Winston is on his way to breaking single-season passing records at FSU as a freshman.  Charlie Ward was FSU's starting punter as a freshman.

My views on Clemson are well documented, and they've proved me wrong once already.  But FSU's defense, specifically FSU's secondary, is much better than that green UGA defense Clemson torched back in September. 

If FSU beats Clemson and UF, Jameis Winston will win the Heisman Trophy...a Heisman Trophy winner named Winston.  I wonder if he can triple jump.

If Clemson beats FSU...well, chalk it up to a geeked up home crowd and a little reverse mojo.

I'm still not sold on Clemson.

Noles - 31
Tigers - 27

Be good.

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