Thursday, September 22, 2011

Allow me to re-introuduce myself!

Lend me yo' ears and peep the type; for I go by the name of KID DYN-O-MITE!!!
Sorry, I just watched a re-run of 'Good Times'....'Sweet Daddy Williams' episode. Google it, if you have nothing better to do. At any rate, I'd like to thank Corch E and eViL G for the opportunity to contribute to the blog. I've added comments here and there, but I fully enjoy the art of Journalism--- Hell, it was my major for a whole semester. #DontJudgeMe.

With that out of the way, I'd like to take an opportunity, just this once, to talk NFL on the college football blog. Just not any football or football player, We're talking about the greatest football player in the history of football players.  Now, before you go thinking I'm talking about Merrill Hoge or Sean Salisbury, I'll save the you that drama right now. Today, we're talking about former Gator and current backup clipboard holder for the Denver Broncos, Tim "ThirdStringJesus" Tebow. #15 In your football programs, #3 behind Brady Quinn, but #1 in our hearts (and up until recently, NFL jersey sales)

No need to look over your shoulder, Tim. Ain't nobody back there but a bunch of medical staff, ball boys, and 84,000 people wondering just how in the hell you can let Brady Quinn be a better quarterback than you in practice.

Now, I realize that by now, you're about tired of hearing about Tebow. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy (no homo) But honestly, I'm sick of hearing about him too.... However, unlike most people who just complain without actually offering up a suggestion on how to make the situation better, I'm here to offer up an easy solution to make Tim's transition from "Great College QB" to " Great NFL QB" a reality. I've outlined it in one simple step:

  1. Get Tim on the first thing smoking out of Colorado. 
That's really it....I don't have anything other than that.  Listen, Everyone talks about mechanics like that's all you need in order to be a successful NFL QB. By that logic, I'm going to go dress 'Corky' from 'Life Goes On' next week against The Detroit Lions defense (wow...never thought I'd be saying anything good about the city of Detroit or their football team).  Seriously speaking, we all know that mechanics make up only a percentage of what makes a quarterback excel in the NFL. Tim has the heart, soul, determination and most of all...He's a damn winner.

One of the things that Tim has against him is that the NFL lockout of 2011 hurt him deeply in a lot of areas. As any professional football player will tell you, the Summer between your first season and your second season is where you have to take the time to get in the gym and work out with your position and strength coaches; you work on things like learning the playbook fully; not just "packages" as well as being able to be in the facility daily, going over film with your coaches, and learn from them what they want you to do and how they want you to execute it. Additionally, being around the facility gives you the opportunity to work with, and earn the trust of your teammates so that when it counts, in a game, you know exactly who you can go to and where you can look on a football field when a situation calls. Unfortunately for Tim, he missed out on all of that.

Enter the 2011 NFL season. Tebow is loved by the fans, Tebow fully believes that he's going to be the starter...But....Tebow has a brand new set of coaches who didn't draft him and honestly, could care less about just handing him the keys to the Broncos offense.  Kyle Orton is returning for his second season in Denver and according to anyone with a whistle and clipboard, is MILES away from Tebow in practice. However, as far as the fans are concerned, he's the equivalent of  "Woody" from the movie Toy Story... In case you're keeping track at home, That would make Tim "Buzz Lightyear." Tebow is currently listed as second or third on Denver's depth chart (which is comical in itself, because let's just keep it real as the kids say these days, he's 3rd string).  So that would make him miles away from Orton and in the same crappy neighborhood as Brady Quinn...Lock your doors, people. That's not a safe neighborhood.

Here's how this is a double edged sword for Tim and why I feel that if he is EVER to become a great QB or even an "okay at best" quarterback in the NFL, he HAS to leave Denver. First things first, Tim isn't going to learn how to be a great quarterback in the NFL from Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn. So if you're telling me that Tebow is a backup at best, he needs to learn from the best. No...Brady Quinn is NOT a great backup (or starter for that matter, but this isn't about Quinn) Tebow needs to either  Be behind a great quarterback or behind (or at least competing against) a solid NFL backup; and before you even say it, YES... I'm taking into consideration that John Elway is the GM of the Broncos, but John Elway isn't lacing them up every Sunday. Tim needs to sit for another year behind a solidified quarterback who can show him the ropes on how to command a NFL locker room, command a NFL huddle, and command a NFL football game.  What does that mean? Well...It means that he needs to be traded. To where? Glad you asked, because I made a list.

  • Indianapolis Colts. Peyton's Manning's neck has finally said "enough is enough" It can't hold Peyton's big ass head up any longer. Peyton has about 2 or 3 more years in him. Just enough time to show Tim the ropes and for him to learn the playbook in and out. Also, enough time for Indy to draft some receivers that weren't born in the 60's.
  • New England Patriots. Brady can't play forever, right? Right? Brady isn't old, but I think a couple of years of sitting behind and learning from Tom Brady wouldn't be a horrible thing for Tim. To learn from arguably one of, if not the best coach/quarterback tandems in league history would make a Tebow transition into being Brady's successor or at the very least, a "Matt Cassell" for another team, would be priceless
  • New Orleans Saints. This is my dark horse team. There's no doubt that Drew Brees is a good quarterback. However, he's young, he's going to play for probably another 5-7 years and Tim is far too good to sit on a team with that much young talent for that amount of time. Drew Brees would be a great teacher for Tebow and show him a lot of the intangibles about the game that you don't pick up on Sundays or on the field for that matter.
Of course then there's the carousel of teams that could pick Tim up that he could possibly fit on, but he wouldn't have that mentor  type older QB to "tuck him under his wing" so to speak, to give Tim everything that he needs. For example, Philadelphia, any NFL team from the state of Florida, San Diego, Minnesota...literally, the list goes on and on, but you get my point.

Tebow is a winner by nature. Give him an opportunity, in a game, when it counts, and I wouldn't bet against him. All of the things that makes Tebow great will never be highlighted in a practice. Maybe that's why he's not a great "practice" QB. If a play breaks down in practice, coaches blow a whistle and you reset. When it happens on Sunday, you have to improvise. Michael Vick has made a career of it and if given the right set of circumstances, so can Tim Tebow.

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  1. Tony,

    Though I understand your bro-mance with Tebow being a Gator and all, but could ya stick to picking college football games, for Christ sake. Jeez, who cares about the evangelical virgin from the swamp not playing in the NFL? No one. Lots of great college players don't make it in the pros. Long list, add Tebow to it.