Thursday, September 8, 2011

eViLG's Weekly Picks for September 10

Enough already.....

Welcome to Week Two, brought to you by Under Armour, Nike Pro Combat and whatever Adidas calls its version of high-tech football apparel guaranteed to make your eyes bleed.  

This college football fashion makeover nonsense is getting out of hand.  When I tune into a football game, I should immediately know who's playing based on the uniform.  Georgia looked like Utah, Boise State looked like snowmen and Oregon looked like Oregon.  Maryland looked like the team Mel Gibson played for in Braveheart.  Can we please stop the madness?

Usually I'm good for another paragraph or two of filler, but I've got a big presentation tomorrow and I ain't close to being ready.  So until next week.....


Alabama-Birmingham at Florida
Encouraged is the word I'd use to describe Gator Nation after last week's performance.  Still, John Brantley looks a little iffy throwing passes down the field, the offensive line could improve, and the secondary is extremely young.  UF's young secondary will receive a test from UAB's wide open passing attack....a good tune up for Tyler Bray & Company in a little over a week.
UF - 35
UAB - 14

Cincinnati at Tennessee
Speaking of Tyler Bray & Company, a few talking heads are taking Cincy in an upset.  Seeing as how Tennessee recently lost to Wyoming at home, and should have lost to UAB a year ago, I guess it's possible.  The good folks over at are bellyaching about the offensive line play, and at the same time puffing their chests over Tyler Bray being the next big thing on Rocky Top.  Vols win rather handily.
Big Orange - 23
Half Bear the other Half Cat - 14

Notre Dame at Michigan
Catholics have always been hypocritical to a degree, and after 11 years of Catholic school I'm more than qualified to say as much.  Brian Kelly is talking heat for yelling at his football team?  Give me a break.  Lou Holtz did the exact same thing, with a face mask grab thrown in every now and then.  After the Irish dispose of a weak Michigan team, no one in South Bend would care if Coach Kelly sacrificed a virgin at midfield.
Hypocrites - 37
Michigan - 19

Alabama at Penn State
Two things are certain...Nike Pro Combat uniforms will not make an appearance in Happy Valley on Saturday, and there will be little happiness amongst the home fans...unless of course they bet on Alabama to cover the spread.  Whatever the spread is, Alabama will cover by at least 10 points.  Hell, Penn State might not reach double digits. 
Bama - 38
Penn State - 9.7

Mississippi State at Auburn
The Dan Mullen Reclamation Project makes a stop in Opelika to stomp a mudhole in the defending national champs.  Mississippi State might be the third best team in the West, which means they'd likely be the best team in the East.  Hey Coach Mullen, I hear there might be a coaching vacancy in Athens around this time next year.
MSU - 27
War Eagle - 14

Boston College at Central Florida
UCF students are wearing red bandannas to honor a former Boston College lacrosse player who lost his life while saving about a dozens lives on 9/11.  Classy move Knight fans. 
Knights - 24
Eagles - 20

And finally.....

South Carolina at Georgia
In hindsight, I should have picked Boise State last week.  UGA debuted yet another horrendous alternative uniform, this one worse than all the others, AND their opponent's colors were orange and royal blue.  Double whammy.  Clearly UGA learned nothing from the Bama Blackout fiasco of 2008, and the black helmet/black pants combo they wore against UF in 2009.

Mark Richt is sitting on the hottest seat in all of college football, and rightfully so.  UGA is the SEC's poster child for underachievement.  Nobody does less with more.  Clemson thinks UGA squanders talent.

Enter Steve Spurrier, a man with just a little experience in making Georgia miserable.  The Gamecocks started out slow last week, then rolled over ECU after they discovered no one in Conference USA bothers to play defense.

UGA's defense is also suspect, and South Carolina's offense is balanced enough to keep the Dawgs on their heels.  On the flip side, if UGA had trouble with Boise State's defensive line, South Carolina should give them fits.  Expect the boo birds to be out in full force between the hedges.  After this game UGA's athletic director will have Kirby Smart's cell phone number permanently on speed dial.

Gamecocks - 34
Dawgs - 21

Be good. 


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  2. It's officially Tennessee week and I couldn't be happier....and by happier, I mean concerned for next week's little game against The Vols of Tennessee. Time to see if he's a MusChamp or a MusChump.