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eViLG's Weekly Picks for October 8th

The truth is out there....

Greetings everyone.

I can always count on Alabama Super Pimp Keith Edwards to make an appearance following a big Bama win, which unfortunately means we'll be hearing from him quite a bit before the season ends....but enough about him.

Lost in the rush to crown Alabama BCS and NFC South Champions, something more dark and sinister went completely unnoticed during Alabama's dismantling of my beloved Gators. And I'm NOT talking about Dominique Easley allegedly beating up a former Bama player after the game. Although from eyewitness accounts it was the hardest Easley hit anyone associated with Alabama football Saturday night.

I'm talking about the Tedd Ginn curse. The curse's origins go back to the BCS National Championship Game, January 2007 in Glendale, Arizona. Ohio State receiver Tedd Ginn, Jr. returned the opening kickoff for a TD, injured his ankle after getting mobbed by teammates, and his Buckeyes wound up losing 41-14. As the story goes, while Florida celebrated its second national title, the former Ohio State receiver/return specialist placed a devastating curse on Florida football, affecting future generations of Gator return specialists.  

Enter Andre Debose.

The curse made its first appearance in Gainesville last November when South Carolina came to town. Andre Debose returned the opening kickoff for a TD, then UF lost its mojo for the remaining 59 minutes and 46 seconds, sending South Carolina to its first and only SEC title game. Fast forward to last Saturday where Debose scores on the first play from scrimmage, followed by Trent Richardson running wild and Bama's defense completely shutting down the Mighty Gators.

If memory serves, last year Debose returned a 4th quarter kickoff against LSU for a TD, after which UF suffered the biggest special teams brain cramp of Urban Meyer's UF career, allowing LSU to convert a fake FG into a first down...followed by a game-winning TD with seconds left on the clock.

This is not a coincidence. I want to see our slowest, fattest offensive lineman returning kickoffs against LSU. Anybody wearing a jersey number in the 60s or 70s, I don't care. What's the worst that could happen? LSU might beat us anyway? I'll take that chance.

That's all I got....RIP Steve Jobs. I'm still kicking myself for not buying AAPL stock when it dipped to $85 a share back in 2008.


Georgia at Tennessee
In what amounts to a SEC East elimination game for Tennessee, the Big Creamsickle Orange look to avenge last year's ass whuppin' in Athens. Georgia's conference schedule is conveniently missing Alabama, Arkansas and LSU, so a win on Saturday, followed up with a win over a Brantley-less Florida squad, topped off with at least one more Stephen Garcia meltdown, could place UGA back in the SEC title game, where Alabama will do unspeakable things to them. UGA's defense is slightly better than Tennessee, and their running game is much better. Advantage road team.
Jawjuh - 27
Tennessee - 17

Kentucky at South Carolina
Speaking of Stephen Garcia, he'll have a standing room only, VIP sideline view for Kentucky...and he totally earned it. You wonder what took Corch Spurrier so long. I remember when the ole ball coach used to pull Jesse Palmer for settling on an 18-yard corner route completion to Nafis Karim instead of throwing deep to Taylor Jacobs. You also wonder if Garcia will have enough time to wipe queso dip out of his beard and put his pants back on if Connor Shaw screws up badly enough for Spurrier to switch back. It's a non-issue this week.
Cocks - 37
Wix's Wildcats - 10

Florida State at Wake Forest
Unlike my alma mater who's facing an October gauntlet of Alabama, LSU, Auburn and Georgia, the School Out West has its own murderer's row consisting of Wake Forest, Duke, Maryland and NC State. Now you know why I want FSU to join the SEC.
Noles - 34
Deacs - 7

Ohio State at Nebraska
NU got a rude awakening to Big 10 football last week. Meanwhile in Columbus, the Buckeyes are staring a 5-loss season in the face, best case.  And that was based on the expectation that playmakers Herron and Posey would be back for this game.  They're still suspended, and the Huskers will roll.
Tommie Frazier U. - 27
Eddie George U. - 9

Auburn at Arkansas
Auburn's young squad appears to be growing up before our very eyes, which sucks considering we play there next week.  Auburn took A She She favorite Clemson to the brink, then followed up that effort with a big win at South Carolina.  Meanwhile, Arkansas is still completing passes against Texas A&M, which will also be the case on Saturday....too much offense for AU to handle.
Razorbacks - 31
Plainsmen - 17

Oklahoma vs. Texas
The Sooners should have a huge chip on their collective shoulders, what with LSU and Alabama gaining ground in the polls so quickly. Texas finally settled on a QB with a familiar name, who likes to throw to a receiver with a familiar name. McCoy to Shipley is back, however Texas is too young at key positions to pull off the upset.
Sooners - 35
Horns - 13

Miami at Virginia Tech
Do I really have to spend time on this game?  I don't?  Cool....

And finally...

Florida at Green Bay...err...LSU
Week Two of UF's Beatdown Tour takes them to Baton Rouge, where surprisingly enough, the Gators have a winning record all-time, and they've won 11 out of the last 15 over in the real Death Valley (sorry Clemson).  However none of those 11 victories came when LSU was ranked #1, and UF had a true freshman making his first start at QB.

Jordan Jefferson publicly proclaimed he wants to be LSU's starting QB.  What he needs to do is shut up, keep his nose clean and watch Jarrett Lee from the sidelines.  The last thing LSU needs is a QB controversy kick started by a QB who likes to kick defenseless Marines in the head.  If his sneakers get bloody, no big deal. He's got another 50 pair in his closet...and some people think college athletes should get paid.  Don't get me started.

I expect UF's defense to perform much better than last week's debacle, if for no other reason I think Alabama is 7-10 points better than LSU on a neutral field.  UF's offense will struggle to score 7-10 points, so here's hoping Chris Rainey blocks another punt, and Andre Debose returns a kickoff for a touchdo...nevermind.

Is it too soon to start drinking?

LSU - 28
UF - 7

Be good.

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