Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some Sunday Afternoon Thoughts...

Never underestimate the power of prayer

First off, congratulations to Alabama. Clearly they were the superior team, as I feared, and Trent Richardson is downright awesome. I've loved this kid since he was a freshman, and I'll be damn glad when he's scoring TDs for the Jacksonville Jaguars next year...or wherever the Jaguars decide to relocate. Richardson is to Urban Meyer what Vince Carter was to former UF hoops coach Lon Kruger...the must-have, in-state stud recruit who got away.

Some other thoughts from the weekend that was...

Alabama super booster Garland Harwell and his buddy Keith Williams (no relation) were treated to the mother of all tailgates, and no doubt their necks are sore from taking in all the lovely sights on our campus. Garland also took some time to pay his respects to former Gator great Tim Tebow's statue (see above) prompting Ben Hill Griffin Stadium security guards to ask if he lost a bet.

Sadly, in what was the most difficult thing I had to do all day, I  broke the news to Keith Edwards that not only is he now my third favorite Alabama fan on the planet, but after Saturday he is now my second favorite Alabama fan on the planet named Keith.

Other than Alabama, the other big winner yesterday appears to be Georgia. Brantley's injury, coupled with South Carolina laying an egg at home and a cakewalk of a conference schedule (no LSU, no Arkansas and no Alabama) suddenly has UGA in the SEC East catbird seat. However Tennessee might have something to say about that.

Speaking of Tennessee, the natives over at were in full-on celebratory mode last night, as if the Big Orange underachievers had actually accomplished something. Memo to Tennessee fans: Laughing at a classmate for getting stomped by the class bully rings hollow when that classmate already beat you down for the seventh straight year...and you still have to face the class bully.

Will Muschamps's tone during the post-game press conference was tense to say the least. He sounded like he wanted to rip off John Brantley's injured leg and beat someone upside the head with it.

In a related story, Steve Spurrier would also like to use John Brantley's severed leg so he can beat Stephen Garcia upside the head.

That's all I got...enjoy your Sunday...Go Jags and Go Bills!!


  1. A+ would read again. Hopefully we won't have to endure the events of last evening ever again.

  2. Should Bama erect a statue of Lamanski Hall? He had the Heisman trophy of names!!