Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ROLL TIDE and of course...God bless Tebow (Florida's Bear Bryant)

Belated greetings to the (mostly Gator) eViL G and Coach E College Football Forum. As the resident Bama Blogger, I am remiss in not posting sooner but it's good to be back especially after such a pleasant outcome in Gainesvegas.

Things I learned this weekend....

Tim Tebow is Swampland's living breathing version of Bear Bryant -- Just when I thought we had a gentlemen's agreement to cease and desist with any mention of God's favorite Tim Tebow (pictured left in his street clothes), he rears his saintly head YET AGAIN. This time my poor friend Garland Harwell (Roll Tide!!) was dragged into the mix. I'm not sure if Garland's picture was photoshopped or eViL spiked his tailgating beverage or the intoxication of seeing all the scantily clad UF co-eds induced Mr. Harwell to take a knee (understandable) but either way this is 100% UNACCEPTABLE! I'm sure that photo will follow Garland around like that ridiculous pimp sign stalked me for so long. I blame eViL for all of this!!!!

Dominique Easley would've done well as a South Central Police Officer in the early 90's because he seemingly treated Bama Fans (allegedly) like LA cops treated Rodney King. What's up with that?? Again, I blame eViL for all of this!!!

Bama's D is pretty good (technically something I already knew but go with me). In particular, shout out to Courtney Upshaw for being all over the field. With the absence of CJ Mosely, this was a critical component in completely neutralizing Florida's insanely fast RBs -- something that I honestly didn't think was possible. Lives could well be lost on Nov 5th when LSU rolls into T-town.

Andre Debose is better than advertised -- eViL bet that I couldn't name any Florida WRs before the game and I told him it only matters if I know their names AFTER the game. Debose (no relation to former Tide coach Mike "dumb dumb" Dubose) completely smoked Dre Kirkpatrick on that 65 yd bomb to start the game (another thing I didn't think was possible). Debose and Deonte Thompson played big early and they will have to continue to do so this season as it might save someone's life...namely Jeff Driskel.

Fescue grass sucks -- I seem to overseed and aerate every damn year. I'm no lawn master but this shi%# is more temperamental than my wife -- and that is saying a lot!!!

**************NFL ALERT***********

Steelers offensive line sucks -- normally I would make some crack about the Steeler's O-line sucking because of the proliferation of UF alums that populate it but...ok you got's because we have UF alums populating it. We got one Pouncey and everyone knows you either need matching sets or none at all. More importantly, MARCUS GILBERT is AWFUL!!!!

***********END OF NFL ALERT********

Good luck to everyone's teams this weekend (except for Auburn) and...

ROLL motherfu#$%*IN' TIDE!!!!

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