Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some LATE thoughts from this past weekend's action....

The word "irony" comes to mind.....
  • Between the pre-game and post-game tailgate, Baby Coach E wore Uncle eViL out this weekend.  I slept like a dead man Saturday, but not after running over an oversized raccoon on I-95 on the way back home to Orlando.  The left front quarter panel of my sweet sweet ride took on some damage....goodbye $500 deductible....
  • Yes, I know I had UGA crushing UF by 3 touchdowns.  If you actually bet money on the game based on my advice, my rich uncle in Nigeria would like your name, e-mail address and social security number so you can share in his fortune.
  • Who had Baylor winning the Big 12 South?  No one?  
  • Who has Scottie Ray drinking heavily?  Everyone?
  • If there's one coaching staff that should refrain from making the "choke" sign at a Florida player, it's Georgia's coaching staff.  Nice work Coach just gave UF added motivation to make sure we take UGA seriously next year.  Think of it as a poor man's 2007 end zone celebration.
  • Joakim Noah in a blue mumu thinks Cam Newton looked hot in in his Halloween fairy costume.
  • Speaking of hot....UGA's coeds >>> UF's the scoreboard just about every year, some things never change.
  • Similarly, UF's thugs >>> UGA's thugs....Chris Rainey single-handedly out-thugged Washaun Ealey, Caleb King, Tavarres King and the rest of UGA's thugs.
  • I wonder if Notre Dame misses fatass, frontbutt-having Charlie Weiss yet.

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