Friday, October 15, 2010

Coach E's October 16th Midseason Musings

Coach E’s October 16th Midseason Musings:

1) Last week I went 0 – 3. Coach E broke the cardinal speculator’s rule last week. Coach E chased after money and it resulted in making some dumb picks. For the year I’m barely over 50% and that’s just not getting it done. Therefore; I have imposed a brief but needed self-imposed hiatus from trying to augment my income through irrational financial speculation based upon the on-field performances of 18-23 year old kids. This weeks picks are being substituted by a few brief observations:

Please by a show of hands tell me if anyone was surprised by self-proclaimed whistleblower Josh Luchs revelations to Sports Illustrated that college athletes take money from agents…..I’ll wait. Ok, next question. Is anyone unaware that the revenue generating amateur athletic programs of NCAA institutions is all basically one big lie? No hands there either I see. So why is there all this fuss over this story? College athletics is a business and in business, pretty much everyone lies. If you were surprised by this, Coach E says shame on you!

It’s over for Joe Paterno. I’m not saying anything that comes as a surprise, but the time has come for Mr. Penn State to hang it up. The Lions don’t have players and it simply comes down to recruiting. It’s been over 3 years since either Joe Paterno or Galen Hall have made a house visit to a high profile recruit with Terrelle Pryor being the last. Joe you don’t have the energy to fix this mess. Please walk away now. With Nebraska coming to the Big Ten, it’s just going to get worse. Just because you built it, doesn’t mean you get to keep it forever.

Coach E can’t tell who wants to win the Big East. Clearly, the best personnel in the conference reside in Morgantown, West Virginia. However; they even seem to play down to the level of their opponent as evidenced in last nights USF game. If the Mountaineers can’t run the table in the Big East, no one from that conference deserves to go to a BCS game. The only team that can compete with WVU is Cincinnati and I’m not sold on them either.

The magical ingredient needed to turn the fortunes of a football program around seems to be a dash of Stoops. The Stoops brothers all seem to have a touch of Lazarus in them like the Michael Clarke Duncan character in “The Green Mile”. Bob turns around Oklahoma. Mike turns around Arizona, and now Mark has turned around Florida State’s moribund defense.

Coach E maintains that Oklahoma will face The Ohio State University in the BCS title game and nothing has happened yet to change my opinion/prognostication. The only flies in the ointment can come from either Nebraska (if they beat OU in the Big XII title game) or Oregon if they run the table. OU just has to win out and OSU beats a pedestrian Wisconsin and Iowa.

And Finally…A Note to Gator Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio
Nothing burns my shorts more than watching coaches who are so divorced from reality that they cannot make adjustments to save what is entirely salvageable. That description fits Gator offensive coordinator Steve Addazio to a tee! Last week you had 2nd and goal from the LSU one-yard line and come away with no points. What frosted me was not the fact that UF missed 2 field goal attempts; it was the village idiot Addazio’s demeanor when the offense came back to the sideline. You said nothing and you did nothing while the guys were huddled around you. I watched you and your offense watching the defense when LSU had the ball. Watch this here:
You did not say a word! You sat there just watching the game like you had bought a doggone ticket. Attitude reflects leadership! Steve Addazio you lack the basic leadership traits that are required of a school crossing guard. I put last week’s loss squarely on your shoulders. UF was never to be a National Championship contender but there is just too much talent on the offensive side of the ball for this garbage. With Addazio in charge, there isn’t a kid on the offensive side of the ball that scares an SEC defensive coordinator. Pick up the slack you moron! Hey, how about a downfield pass over 10 yards to get defenses from playing a doggone 4-4-3 and eating up your predictable 2nd down and 10 dive play you idiot.

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