Friday, October 22, 2010

October 23rd Picks

Happy Friday everyone.  Today's picks are brought to you by ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and IcyHot medicated patches.

If you added a "What are" in from of this week's sponsors, you'd have the correct Jeopardy question to the answer "This is how eViL gets through the work week without taking a hostage at his real job."

Speaking of that real's calling out for me like right now....


Michigan State at Northwestern
ESPN's Mark Schlabach picked Northwestern to knock off No. 7 Michigan State tomorrow.  Mark Schlabach also smokes crack and molests llamas (allegedly).  The Fighting Wilbons are a respectable (and misleading) 5-1, laying waste to college football powerhouses like Rice, Illinois State, Vanderbilt (ugh) and Central Michigan.  Sparty is the first of at least three conference beatdowns for the Wildcats, as Michigan State makes a BCS case no one thought possible when the season started.
Sparty - 34
Wilbons - 7

Nebraska at Oklahoma State
Like Northwestern, Oklahoma State has been living a lie and will get exposed at home tomorrow.....but not as badly.  Nebraska's receivers literally dropped any chance Nebraska had of making it back to the national title game...they get it all corrected and squeak by on the road.
Cornboys - 24
Cowboys - 20

Wisconsin at Iowa
The match-up between Wisconsin's offensive line and Iowa's defensive line will be fun to watch...until Adrian Clayborn and company impose their will and stonewall John Clay and the talented freshman White.  On second thought I take that back.  Watching Iowa and Wisconsin play each other on Saturday is a lot like watching the Ravens play the Giants on Sunday....not exactly fun, but it's good background noise.  It holds your attention for about a quarter then you wind up doing yard work.
Hawkeyes - 23
Badgers - 14

Alabama at Tennessee
Bama continues their climb back in the BCS title hunt, while Keith Edwards cheers on Northwestern, Missouri and Air Force as though his life depended on it.  Bama didn't look all that great last week against Ole Miss, but raise your hand if you're ready to pick Tennessee to cover, let alone win this game.  That's what I thought.
Crimson - 28
Orange - 10

Oklahoma at Missouri
I know absolutely nothing about undefeated Missouri.  I know Oklahoma is talented but very young, and they've had a couple close calls already.  Aw what the hell...
Mizzou - 24
Sooners - 21

And finally....

LSU at Auburn
In hindsight I would have purchased a laptop for Cam Newton...a shiny new MacBook, or perhaps an HP Pavillion from Best Buy.  Now all I can do is wonder what could have been.

Auburn looks like the real deal, on one side of the ball at least.  If they had a real defense (like LSU), they'd be knocking on Atlanta's door.  As it stands now we all must wait patiently for the mother of all Iron Bowls next month.

Like Northwestern, Missouri and eventually Michigan State, LSU is living on borrowed time.  In spite of Les being Les, he's exceeded expectations so far this season, which means he'll likely be back next season.  That's enough to make any SEC fan not wearing purple feel good.

The bottom line is Cam Newton is a beast, and he's proven me wrong at every turn this season.  LSU's defense will be his toughest test to date.  It won't be easy and it won't be pretty, but Auburn marches on.

LSU, you're eliminated.

Plainsmen - 31
Cajuns - 27

Be good.

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  1. I think we can beat 'bye' this week... Go Gators!