Monday, October 4, 2010

Post Bama Beatdown Rant....

I would absolutely LOVE to be a fly on the wall inside Steve Addazio’s head.  Sure I’d have to contend with a bunch of other flies buzzing around, but I really need to know his thought process while preparing for Alabama last week.
First there was the ill-fated jump pass on 4th down.  Let’s see, first UF unveils Trey Burton against Kentucky.  Seeing as how ESPN Gameday now has about 6 hours of airtime to fill on Saturday morning, they run the obligatory vignette on Trey Burton, calling him “Tebow Lite” and whatnot.  Surely the Alabama coaches wouldn’t be ready for the jump pass, or anything else Tebow-like for that matter.  Not only were they ready for it, but Bama’s defensive coordinator Kirby Smart got the play call into our offense before Addazio did.  Smart was jumping around on the sideline like Wisconsin’s student section after the third quarter.
Then throughout the night you attempt to confuse and befuddle…that’s a synonym for confuse Steve…the nation’s best defense by having your pocket QB run the option, to the short side of the field, with your slowest tailback.  Oh, before I forget Steve, the term “synonym” is used to describe two words that have the same meaning.  As in “Addazio” is a synonym for “functioning retard”.
It’s not as though UF would have won if the play calling was better.  Saturday night wasn’t exactly the finest hour for UF’s defense either.  The truth is Alabama’s just the best team in the country, and nothing short of a perfect game by an opponent combined with Alabama making all kinds of mistakes will change that.  The problem is Bama rarely makes mistakes.  Say what you want about Nick Saban, dude can flat out coach, and he’s quickly making Florida his bottom bitch.
What’s more telling and uncertain is the future of UF football under Urban Meyer.   Addazio isn’t going anywhere…he’s a made man as far as Urban Meyer is concerned.  UF has enough talent to “out athlete” the Kentuckys and Vanderbilts, but when there’s equal talent, expect UF to get outcoached.  It’s that simple.
Lucky for the Gators Les Miles will be on the opposite sideline in Gainesville this weekend.


  1. JUMP PASS!!

    I was going to write "FIRST" like all the hip bloggers do, but I like JUMP PASS more for some strange reason :-)

    I agree with all of eViL's comments. I was totally shocked and pleasantly surprised by the Gator's play calling. While I sense that most folks want to blame Addazio solely, the head coach football coach/acclaimed offensive genius is also responsible for what happened on Saturday night... JUMP PASS!!

    The Tide looked good in round 1 of the clash of the titans BUT before round 2 in December we need to work on tackling (especially in the opponent's backfield), reducing blown pass coverage assignments and MOST IMPORTANTLY developing another pass rusher.

    Of course, we need to get there first because the SEC West is loaded and our schedule doesn't get any easier from here on out. Spurrier is always an irritant (especially on the road).

    EviL: can I respectfully submit that we add the words "Les" and "Miles" to the list of synonyms for "Functioning retard"??

    Coach E: Eddie Long called you too?? First me, then eViL now you? I don't feel special anymore :( I'm really gonna miss those D-Ball/Creatine cocktails before Sunday school...

    Roll Tide, Fire Richt, Boo Auburn and... JUMP PASS!!

  2. Yo Keith....everything I said would happen, happened. It's not enough that your team is just flat out better, the gap between the two coaching staffs is wider than the gap in talent/experience.

    As far as Mark Richt goes, he needs to stay at UGA for the next 15 skrillion years.

  3. Pure eViL -- I think you might get your 15 skrillion years out of Richt. 99% of the UGA fans are calling for his head but the 1% who want to keep him includes all the UGA administrators and decision makers (the same morons who proposed FESTIVUS!!!) In other words, count on at least two more cocktail party victories over the dawgs with Richt at the helm. I've taken the liberty of submitting Senator Chad Folk's name as a possible replacement.

    I agree with your assessment of the talent level of UF vs. Bama. You guys are much closer than your coaching (or the final score) would indicate. I'm sure you'll figure it out before coming to Atlanta in December.

    Can I assume you've taken down your Steve Addazio fathead??


  4. As I said after the first half of LAST season: watching the Gators offense went from watching a Porsche Carrera cruise at 140mph along a deserted highway... to watching a 1985 Corrola belching out diesel gas in city traffic. Remember 2008, pre-Addazio, when UF blew out every team by at least 30 points? Then in 2009, with Addazio - and basically the same exact offensive players - we immediately started looking like that '85 Corrola.

    Urban Meyer without Addazio as O-Coordinator is easily one of the best coaches in college football... with Addazio, he is mediocre. The world - and most importantly, RECRUITS - are going to see that. And as a UF alumn, it's driving me absolutely crazy.

    On the cheesy side, eViLG.... miss you like a Mutha-F'er!


  5. What's up Dan?

    A17...Bicycle Club...1988...holla...

    Those were the days!

  6. Addazio is merely the second worst OC in the SEC, as my Tigah's Crowton clearly occupies the toilet seat. I've seen better coaching for my son's peewee team. He's seven and they run the "T" formation, and have four, no, five plays in their repertoire.

    Granted, Addazio sucks, but he doesn't hold a candle to Crowton. LSU's offense is loaded with stud RB's and speedy WR's and they finish in the bottom 5 in the FBS every year. That takes talent, something only a "genius" like Crowton could achieve.

  7. Hey NG,

    If you're coming to Gainesville this weekend, shoot me an e-mail over to We'll be tailgating all day long.